Lawrence Family Business Tour - Super VIP Upgrade

Lawrence Family Business Tour - Super VIP Upgrade

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Welcome to the Family Business Super VIP Experience, for those of you who want to earn your spot as one of our Employees of the Month! 

Each Super VIP Upgrade Ticket grants one person access to both Lawrence's 30-minute Standard VIP Experience and Lawrence's 30-minute Super VIP Experience, totaling 60-minutes of corporate bonding. 

Standard VIP Experience:

⁃Early entry to venue
-Early access to merch table
-Exclusive VIP Employee Badge and other free merchandise
⁃Pre-show Meet & Greet including acoustic-ish performances
-Q+A session for a look inside our Family Business! 
-Other interactive team-building activities/games
-Group photo with all VIPs and the band

Super VIP Experience (directly before Standard VIP):

-Early entry (earlier than the Standard VIP, and earlier access to merch table too)
-Exclusive Super VIP Employee of the Month credential and other free merchandise
-Soundcheck viewing party, including full-band performance of deep cut originals, new songs that we won’t play during the main show, and audience requests!
-“On-The-Job training” from members of our team, including arrangement breakdowns, music industry insights, mediocre dance lessons, and much more!
-Group photo with all Super VIPs and the band

IMPORTANT: This ticket is ONLY a Super VIP Upgrade, and does not include a ticket to the show. This Super VIP Upgrade alone will not grant you access to the venue for any portion of the night, and it MUST be purchased with a regular ticket to gain access to the show.

After purchasing a Super VIP Upgrade, please check your email for important VIP updates.

Ticket: $120
Processing Fee: $18
Total: $138

We’re so excited to be selling tickets directly to our fans. It allows us to offer our fans lower ticket fees than they’ll find anywhere else on the internet, and it also ensures that a greater percentage of the money our fans spend goes directly to the band. We love you and thank you for your support. See ya at the show!!

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